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Uber is expanding its business into grocery and convenience store

Uber is expanding its business and looking to be a part of the huge grocery and convenience store business. There is a bit of an eCommerce ‘moment’ that is happening at a local level. That’s a lot of what we are investing behind here – Jason Droege, head of Uber Eats He further added, “I […]

Uber will be starting a bus service in India by 2020

The San Francisco-based ride-hailing company, Uber is trying to expand its service as it readies to start an air-conditioned bus service in India. After piloting its bus service in Latin America and the Middle East, San Francisco-based Uber is now looking at India. Uber bus will work as the company’s growth strategy in the country. […]

Amended Motor Vehicles Bill 2019 will bring errant app cab drivers under scanner

The Government has decided to take a stand against the errant app cab drivers. In a move to regulate the app cabs the parliament on Wednesday approved amendments to the Motor Vehicles (Amendments) Bill allowing the center to regulate the likes of Ola and Uber. The Indian government’s focus is on passenger’s safety, comfort, and […]

BlackBuck to expand by 2021 with million drivers to solve India’s trucking puzzle

There are near about 40 variants of freight trucks plying India’s roads. Trucking technology startup Blackbuck is aiming to triple the size of its truck-hailing platform within the next two years following a round of funding. The startup aims to solve the complex puzzle of matching loads with capacity by connecting shippers with trucks something […]

Ride-hailing company Uber launches freight platform in Germany

Uber launches a freight platform in German rivaling with local companies to hold on to Europe’s $500 billion trucking market. Germany is the second European overseas expansion for Uber as earlier this fall Uber announced its beginning with the Netherlands. Founded in 2017, Uberfreight has generated impressively in the US. The unit has around 30,000 […]

Starbucks to expand nationwide delivery with Uber Eats in the US

In all plans to expand its venture, Starbucks announced on Tuesday, that it would make Starbucks deliver available throughout the US in early 2020 in collaboration with Uber Eats. The first Starbucks program was piloted in Miami and has since expanded in 11 markets. According to a press release, the companies have announced to collaborate […]

Amazon Key in-car delivery drives into Honda, Acura vehicles

Amazon Key in-car delivery: What’s in it? The Amazon Key in-car delivery has been in the spotlight ever since we got it on the block. The uber-cool app service enables the subscribers to lock and unlock the front door from their phone when away from home. Furthermore, one can receive package deliveries inside the home […]

Uber tests monthly pass that would combine Eats with cab services in one subscription

Uber will test a monthly subscription plan that will combine discounted rides, free Uber Eats food delivery, and free JUMP bike and scooter ride for its users. It is reported that if it becomes available for all, then it would cost $24.99 per month. Uber is all set to test its lower-priced passes that would […]

Uber comfort to elevate riding experience on a day-to-day basis

Uber announced a new category Uber comfort; to elevate passenger’s riding experience on a day-to-day basis. The new service will be available in over 40 markets in North America with extra legroom, quiet cars, and other amenities. Uber comfort has been presented as a whole new product with its all-new eye-rolling features that are fancier […]

The Centre asked Uber India to take action against two of its drivers accused of harassment

Uber has made headlines again but for all the wrong reasons. This time the Centre has asked Uber India to take some actions against its two drivers who had harassed disability rights activist Arman Ali. The alleged harassment cause Arman Ali to miss his flight and a meeting last month and had to book another […]

Uber launches the pilot phase of ‘Uber Plus’ for driver-partners in Delhi, Mumbai, and Chandigarh

Uber launched the pilot phase of the ‘Uber Plus’, the driver rewards programme, on Wednesday in Delhi, Mumbai and Chandigarh. ‘Uber Plus’ is an exclusive loyalty rewards programme that would empower Uber’s driver-partners to save up more and get access to rewards. In this program, points will be earned by the driver-partners over a fixed […]

Uber Eats Dine-in option allows to order food… then go to a restaurant to eat it

Over the last few months, a “Dine-in” option has appeared on Uber Eats user interfaces in some cities. Uber Eats is testing a new service that allows its users to order food then go to a restaurant and eat it there. As per sources, the company has unveiled a dine-in feature in some cities that […]