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Cloudflare stops services for 8chan in protest against El Paso massacre

A San Francisco-based company, Cloudflare announced that it would stop providing support to 8chan due to the mass attack that took place at a Walmart store in El Paso, Texas on Saturday. 8chan is among the more than 19 million Internet properties that use Cloudflare’s service. We just sent notice that we are terminating 8chan […]

Walmart signs a patent to generate Libra like digital currency

Walmart is looking into opening their own Libra-like digital currency. The patent that they have filed with the U.S Patent and Trademark Office indicates that they are looking to do so. The Patent agency’s official website said that Walmart would be, “generating one digital currency unit by tying the one digital currency unit to regular […]

Walmart expands its grocery service in Mexico with WhatsApp

Walmart Mexico, the largest commercial chain in the country with more than 2,459 stores in the country, launched a new home shopping and delivery service through the WhatsApp for 92 stores that have the Superama brand, business directed to the higher income population. WhatsApp, the free text message service owned by the social network Facebook, […]

Walmart to start in-home deliveries starting this fall

Walmart has started a new in-home delivery option, as has been announced by Walmart today at its annual shareholders meeting in Bentonville, Arkansas. This in-home delivery project is led by Bart Stein who has been surreptitiously testing in-home delivery with customers of Walmart in New Jersey. To avail Walmart’s in-home delivery, customers must have Walmart […]

Walmart to axe its partnership with Deliv in online grocery delivery

Walmart has recently teamed with four new delivery companies to further expand its grocery delivery reach. Recently The Bentonville, Ark.-based retail giant said Thursday that it has partnered with last-mile delivery providers Point Pickup, Skipcart, AxleHire and Roadie to help power the Walmart Grocery Delivery service in metropolitan areas across four states. Today, Walmart’s online […]

Will React Native take over native mobile app development?

It was the second day of Facebook’s F8 conference in 2015 when the world obtained a great tool for building mobile products with JavaScript. At the lapse of over three years, React Native has caused a lot of stir in the industry. It has gained many supporters represented by big names like Bloomberg or Tesla, […]

Walmart makes shopping smarter with the introduction of AR Scanner

Walmart announced the launch of its new Augmented Reality scanner feature to applications of iPhone which would help the shoppers to compare products in the easiest way that too very fast. The Walmart AR Scanner is going to be available for use to the customers all across the shelves present in the store which will […]

Blockchain technology disrupting global retail supply chain management

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies continue to disrupt multiple industries. One, in particular, is the supply chain industry. The very decentralized nature of blockchain technology is perfectly suited for every facet within supply chain management, and retailers are taking notice. The push for integrating blockchain into supply chain management processes is based on one simple factor […]

Flipkart went down, the company confirms services now “running smoothly”

India’s biggest online store, Flipkart is making Shoppers ‘wait a while‘. The online retailer’s website is seen down from a couple of minutes. Some of the product pages are prompting with the tagline “Can’t get through we are seeing a surge in the number of shoppers”. The hashtag #flipkartdown is trending on Twitter and other social […]

Upping the Blockchain delivery game: Walmart files a patent for smart appliance management

Following the streak of previous applications in the blockchain sector, which include patents like blockchain package delivery systems, medical record storage systems, a blockchain-based digital marketplace, Walmart has filed yet another application recently. The application entitled “Managing Smart Applications Using Blockchain Technology” has been published on August 2. It entails in detail the methods and […]

Microsoft and Walmart in concert for expanding on usage of cloud and AI technologies

Walmart said today, July 17 that it is in a strategic partnership with Microsoft based on the wide usage of cloud and AI technologies. The agreement is for 5 years, where Walmart will take full advantage of the cloud solutions of Microsoft that of course include Microsoft 365 and Azure. According to the retail giant, […]

Microsoft and Walmart to bring in automated checkout overtaking Amazon

In a recent move to further revolutionize retail outlets across the country, Microsoft Corp is developing a new technology that’s going to reduce waiting time at the long checkout lines in stores. You no longer have to burden yourself with heavy shopping and wait in long queues while checking out. The new system that is […]