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HP EliteDisplay S430c ultra-widescreen Monitor to release in November

HP will unveil its next series, the Elite Dragonfly Ultrabook in November. HP is also planning to introduce a new 43.3-inch EliteDisplay S430c ultra-wide curved screen display monitor along with the new Ultrabook. HP EliteDisplay S430c screen comes with 4K resolution and has the aspect ratio of 32:10, 60Hz refresh rate, and LED backlight brightness […]

How to recover deleted files and folders from your hard drive on Windows

Today, people spend a lot of time at their computers and laptops. Often, they store thousands of files sorted into folders. It is extremely bitter when one of them is lost or accidentally deleted.  Recently, this was actually a death sentence, but today there are more and more options to recover deleted folders. It’s enough […]

Apple posted a solution to the problem of accessing Windows Share

Some issues were brought to front regarding the blocking of the macOS devices from connecting to CIFS/SMBv1 network shares hosted on Windows servers when using NTLM user credentials. The macOS users who attempt to access a CIFS or SMBv1 network share from a Windows device after installing a Windows update from June 11, would get […]

Microsoft re-introduces Windows core operating system for new devices

There was a rumor in the air that Microsoft was working on its Windows Core Operating system and was soon going to introduce it to the world again. This new OS from Microsoft is said to be compatible with other devices like a new class of devices, collapsible PCs and will also support Android devices. […]

PUBG Lite to come up with Open Beta including 4V4 mode for PC

PUBG LITE is going to have a new model with the introduction of Open Beta for PC. This new model includes a new map and a new Team Death Match mode with 4v4 and other casual battles. The PUBG Lite has already announced it officially on it’s Facebook page. This Open Lite version will release […]

Bill Gates admits that losing the Android market was “his biggest mistake”

Recently it was revealed that Microsoft would be ruled out in some way the possibility of continuing with the development of a Windows Phone operating system or the mobile version of Windows 10, and the latest statements by Bill Gates could confirm this movement and even explain why. In a discussion with Eventbrite co-founder and CEO Julia […]

Mozilla Firefox 67.0.3 released – An updated version of the Firefox and Firefox ESR

The new version of the Mozilla browser, Firefox 67.0.3, is already reaching all users as one more update. If we already have version 67 of the browser installed, we will automatically receive the patch while using the browser, and it will be installed as soon as it is closed and reopened. This update came as […]

Dell Latitude 7400 2-in-1 laptop with 14-inch display launches in India

Dell India on Friday launched a 14-inch 2-in-1 laptop in its Latitude 7000 series at a starting price of Rs 1,35,000. Dell has presented its new Latitude 7400, convertible 2-in-1 thanks to its hinge that allows him to change its form from Laptop to tablet, and with support to take full advantage of the technical […]

Microsoft Windows MR Headsets will get official HTC Viveport Store

HTC officially announced the release date of the Viveport store for users of virtual reality glasses on the Windows Mixed Reality platform. They will be able to buy games and arrange Viveport Infinity from June 5, 2019. Viveport Infinity Subscription is the ability to use several hundred applications, games, and videos for VR-points by subscription. […]

Microsoft announces Forza Street, a free-to-play for Windows 10, iOS and Android

A month ago the existence of Forza Street was leaked with a mention to the developer Electric Square. Microsoft has made the game official: Miami Street becomes Forza Street and is now available for free on PC – it will soon arrive on iOS and Android. “Sign up for the ultimate street races to win […]

Google Chrome receives Windows mixed reality support

Google Chrome will receive support for proper Windows mixed-reality. There is information about adding support for Windows Mixed Reality in WebVR. Google Chrome has supported some virtual reality headsets like Oculus Rift on Windows for almost a year now, through Google’s WebVR program, but Windows Mixed Reality headsets were notably incompatible. This is soon to […]

Avast to end support for Windows XP and Vista beginning this January

The announcement is made official by Avast in a blog post as it says updates for antivirus products on Windows XP and Vista would no longer ship as of January 1, 2019, though the company also adds that virus definitions would continue to be released. For XP users it is regrettable news according to Softpedia, […]