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10 incredible technologies that will amuse intellectually bugged brains

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Guest Author
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The technology is evolving at a flashing pace. Nobody imagined about listening to music other than on cassettes and CDs. The dream innovations of inventors back in the 80s and 90s are now common occurrences. In fact, the way information technology is ruling our lives, it seems promising to grow exponentially in the coming future.

Here are some incredible innovations that turned the world upside down – for good!


Graphene is an ultra-thin layer derived directly from graphite which is one atom thick. Researchers claim it to be 200x stronger than steel. The layer is extremely flexible and a strong conductor of electricity.

Graphene UltraWhat if somebody told you that you could fold your tab or cellphone in layers and put it in your pocket! Amazing, right? That’s what graphene will do for you! In fact, the work on making an ultra-thin and flexible condom made of latex and graphene is awaited in future.

Nano Robot

Nano Robot

Nanotechnology is an engineering branch where experiments and research are conducted for the nanoparticles of size 1 to 100 nanometers. Can you imagine a nano-robot detecting your health issues and also treating them? This technology is doing wonders and is useful in detecting cancer and even in treating it.

Also, it is useful in the gene therapy. Nanorobots can also perform surgeries in some cases.

3D Printing Technique

Imagine you made a 3D model and it gets converted into a virtual object! This technique is an additive manufacturing technique. It gives any 3D object a solid virtual appearance by creating layers.

Printing TechniquesNow, it is possible to print the objects that comprise thermoplastics, pure metals, alloys, etc. And in the coming days, this innovation will come up with much more advancements. 6th generation 3D printers are expected to change many things.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is a technique which can identify objects with an addressed manual analogous to the IP addresses for computers. This basically is a mechanism that puts an internet connection in every object to get its work processed.

Internet Of ThingsThe pace with which it’s becoming a hot topic of conversation, it will give birth to many more inventions. To know more about this technique, click here.

The Technique of Vein Identification

Another recent innovation happened in the field of security gadgets. The name is vein identification gadget. Like fingerprints, the vein impressions are one of a kind for every person. The technology concentrates on improving security measures by recognizing the vein impression in the palms of hands.

Vien IdentificationWhen contrasted with the customary strategies for identification process, this innovation is substantially less demanding and more substantial.

Brain-Controlled Computers

The brain-controlled computer is a wireless device hooked up to a person’s skull which conveys the thought command from the brain through radio signals. It is joined to the skull and wired to terminals inside the brain. Inside the gadget is a processor to enhance the electrical spikes produced by neurons, circuits to digitize the data, and a radio to beam it at a distance of a couple meters to the receiver. There, the data is accessible as a control flag; say to move a cursor over a PC screen. So, now just think of a command and the work gets done. This is what brain-controlled computers provide the world.

Brain Controlled ComputersIt’s one of the most helpful innovations for blind patients.

VR TechnologyVR Technology

Virtual Reality is one of the most astounding innovations we are gifted with. It creates a 3D simulated environment that can be explored by a person. It creates a different world altogether of which the person becomes a part. For instance, you are sitting at home but you can roam around in a mall, or the Mount Everest, or the Great Barrier Reef!

Face Recognition System

Face Recognition is a computer innovation which is utilized to distinguish human faces through advanced pictures. It is one of the most recent developments among biometrics that already includes fingerprints, retina acknowledgment, hand geometry acknowledgment and so forth.

Face RecognitionThe face recognition system is by and large generally acknowledged and used in the parts of China to do even minor things. It approves installments, gives access to offices, tracks lawbreakers, and so forth.

Eye Tribe Technology

Eye Tribe Technology

In the field of software and technology, the application of eye tribe is another great mechanism. This is used to identify the on-screen gaze position. This software permits the user for eye tracking technology into the games and applications. It allows the user to direct their gadgets like – mobiles, tablets, and computers just through the gaze of their eye. It’s a device which has a camera and an LED that helps to track the eye movement. If we consider the methods used before the eye tribe came, this technique is easier and reliable.

Agricultural Drone

You must have noticed flying cameras in marriages and parties.Or, you may have seen drone video footages on IG, captured by travelers, forest researchers, etc.

Well, a type of drone customizes for use in the agricultural field is called an agricultural drone.

Agricultural DroneFarming requires a lot of labor and keen eyes to observe every minute process. But, sometimes farmers miss out on these things despite their hard efforts. Hence, agricultural drones play a massive role in overlooking the processes. These drones autopilot and take pervasive pictures to examine the fields minutely.

Such exquisite advancements and many thrilling innovations in the pipeline! We’re excited, are you?

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