Windows 10: What will you get in your new operating system?

Jun 2, 2015, 1:09 am

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The wait is finally over. Software giant Microsoft today announced the release date of its much-talked Windows 10. In a blog post the company announced that 1.5 billion users of 190 countries around the world using Windows 7 and Windows 8 will be able to update its operating system from June 29.

At Microsoft Build developer conference, the company announced this will be the last version of Windows- in future there will be no windows version rather a “Windows Future Service” version. As the new windows to be released at the end of the month let’s find out what you will get in Windows 10.


Yes, you’ve rightly heard. It is no longer sole feature for Windows 8 phone. In Windows 10 users will see the spread of Cortana, the personal assistant which is controlled by voice command. Two other big phone operating systems offer voice command Apple has Siri and Google provides has its impersonal and nameless search box, Google Now. Microsoft has taken a big step offer same service as its competitors for more personalised experience and help you manage your everyday life. Cortana is much more than a tool which interprets machine language rather it is a real-time interaction to provide you relevant recommendation about your interest, movies, places or providing fast pace information or keeping you up-to-date with important reminders. This new feature not only works just on your PC but you can use it in your smartphone too.

Windows 10_Cortana

Microsoft Edge

At Build Developer conference held in last month Microsoft broke all speculation when it revealed their secret Spartan Project the new and improved default browser for Windows 10: MicrosoftEdge. Edge is beautifully designed to give users a better web experience in new ways where you can search your preferable things through typing or by voice command using Cortana. With built-in features you can share your comments and witness faster and easier web experience with reading view. With smart interface get results that you are looking for- the content that matters to you.

Windows 10_Edge

Office on Windows

In new Windows 10 get you will get Office 2016 full featured desktop suite and experience new universal Windows applications for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, all available separately. Earlier Microsoft announced its web integration with DropBox where users have an option to save their files in their DropBox account besides OneDrive. In the new version you will have touch experience and you can create, edit and save Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents right from the page without flying to a new page. You will also be able to enjoy new versions of OneNote and Outlook, which are included with Windows 10 at no additional cost.

New Xbox Live and Xbox App

After its launch on June 29 you are going to witness a new gaming experience with New Xbox Live and Xbox App. You have an extensive gaming moments- just save to your Game DVR and you can share it with your friends across devices. You can play games on your PC, streamed directly from your Xbox One console to your Windows 10 tablets or PCs, within your home. The gaming network supports both PC and Tablets- giving you a better experience.

Windows Continuum

Want to use your phone as PC- no worries Windows 10’s inbuilt Windows Continuum lets you to do so. With this new feature you can use your device as 2-in-1 and you can use your tablet as PC or PC as Tablet. Just connect Continuum to a monitor, mouse or physical keyboard and make your phone work like a PC.

Windows 10_spartan_tablet

Windows Hello

Say hello to Windows Hello, a tool that greets you by name and with a smile and lets you log into your system without your password in a more secure way. You can authenticate your identity your face, iris, or finger, providing instant recognition.

Windows Store

Windows Store in Windows 10 is more user-friendly. Browse your favourite applications in the store and install or uninstall easily with single tap.

In future Microsoft we will continue to update Windows 10 over time with new innovations.

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