Infographic: All you need to know difference between Spy Vs Hackers

Mar 24, 2016, 1:29 pm

Angelica D.

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Spy software and hacking virus have different working and there is a crucial difference between the two. The internet users cannot differentiate two things easily. Hackers infect the computer’s personal information and other things in the device on the other hand Spy software helps to protect all information present on devices. There is no harmful virus in spy software.

Hackers use hacking virus to steal account information, financial statements and they use the information for their own purpose. Spy software are installed to keep a check on devices where they are installed. Hackers use the information illegally and pose a threat for the user and their financial resources.

Spy software are useful for parents who want to know about the routine and activities of their children. Hackers are even a threat for the state run institutions not only because they steal the information but also misuse it and harm their reputation. When we talk about Spy software it helps in monitoring the employees and their work performances.

Hacking activities are punishable and offensive in U.S. According to their laws hackers are liable for punishment and penalty. Spy software are not offensive or illegal according to U.S. laws of cybercrime. In addition, spy software does not pose any threat to its user.


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