Trending Mobile Apps in 2016

Apr 25, 2016, 1:37 pm

Usman H.

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With mobile phones being indispensable devices in today’s era, we cannot underestimate the power of apps. The app stores have all kinds of apps for every single purpose. Some apps are available on Google Play Store, others on Apple and still, some on both Apple and Google Play Store. The challenge however, is that with so many apps in the store, selecting the best ones is a still chore for many.

We have rounded up the best apps in 2016 for both Apple and Android platforms and bring them to you below:

Spotify                                                                                                Price: Free with premium subscription

Spotify is a universal app which everyone knows about and everyone uses. Spotify offers a music streaming functionality with thousands of beats and songs and as a result, it has been downloaded by millions of users. Spotify has both a free and premium version.


The free version has limited features. You can listen to all your favorite tracks, but with the constant interruptions of adverts. However, if you opt for the premium version, you will be able to enjoy non-stop musical tracks and even be able to claim the offline music play feature.

Evernote                                                                                           Price: Free

Evernote is the world’s number one organizational tool through which you can take notes on multiple tabs and organize your entire schedule. With simple and effective to-do lists and with the ultimate power to sync between devices, it is a must-have app for anyone who wants to get his/her schedule on track.


Evernote is a lot more than note-taking, it has features which can allow you to collaborate and share projects with in the app with friends and colleagues. Furthermore, the app also allows you to attach files.

Twitter                                                                                               Price: Free

Where would we be without Twitter? This social media channel allows you to share your thoughts to the world in text composed of only 140 characters in addition to photos, videos and web links. Twitter is viewed as a major communication platform and is used by all kinds of people from celebrities to state leaders. Businesses and marketers are taking advantage of Twitter’s popularity to promote their products and services.

Twitter Live Streaming

Furthermore, Twitter filters tweets in a manner that displays trending tweets and the most recent ones the first.

Enlight                                                                                                     Price: $3.99

Dubbed one of the most applaudable and outstanding photo editing apps, Enlight is true to its name. The app’s intuitive interface enables users to re-touch and give images a whole new makeover. You can add several effects to your photos including image overlay, artistic designs, image filters and so on.


Interestingly, the app shows its amazing prowess on both the iPhone and iPad. The cherry on the cake is that it has a printing feature which allows art and images created within the app to be printed directly from the app itself without having to connect a third party application.

The above are just a handful of the several apps available in the app stores for every specific need that you have. Due to lack of space we were content with mentioning just the best.

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