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Do you want to make some money online and just wanted to have some extra income? Then yes you can do that with ease and the WordPress platform is going to show you the proper way. You can now even make a full time living with this WordPress website if you know how to do the things in the right way. There are many plugins which will make earning hassle free.

You can now accept donations

The barter system used to be very beneficial in the olden days. You can even make use of the same and ask the readers for some donation if they find the website information is useful for them. If you find this to be interesting, try to make use of the plugins like smart donations, seamless donations. These are useful to raise the funds for your business.

Gain with advertisements

We all agree to the fact that ads do generate income. However, there are a lot of disadvantages like the website be approached cheap and people will not have a good impression. All these things can be set aside and one can make an immense amount of money only when you wish to sell the ads with the banners.

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There are a lot of videos and contextual advertisements that are helpful for the people. Try to make use of these options or you can even select the AdRotate, SAM Pro plugins or the WordPress Ad Widget. All these plugins are useful to show the ads properly where the website actual website hosting these ads doesn’t lose the functionality and the look.

Publish sponsored posts and articles

Many people just have a hobby to write whatever they like. But what if this content is liked by others and they wanted to know what all matters to you? Here you have got the authority and now as you have many visitors there are many companies and products which might ask to give your opinion. Yes, here you are going to get more scope to find content for your website and as well you are going to get paid here.

Offer services, coaching, and consulting

Make use of the WordPress website and then sell your services. This works very well for the freelancers. They can enhance the look of the website so that they can make a creative portfolio meeting the client’s requirements. Creating a perfect page with portfolio, call to action and few testimonials can serve the purpose. There are many successful people who are getting customers for the WordPress implementation, development, setup, consulting, content writing, help for optimizing the websites etc. you can achieve all this more easily with the help of plugins like WP portfolio, easy testimonials, testimonial widget etc.

Start an online shop

Sell any sort of products to the world if you just have the internet access.  Either sell the digital or the physical products. There are many interesting and creative plugins like woocommerce, pressbooks, iThemes Excahnge, and there are even many other plugins which help you to monetize the online store which you need.

Setting up subscriptions and memberships

We all need information and knowledge these days. So why don’t you provide the unique stuff and start a forum with interesting questions on any topic? Here you can avail this service only to the paid subscriptions and the membership. Once the readers get used to this and they found useful for sure you can have recurring income as they have to pay to get access to information. The following are the plugins which are helpful Membership 2, ultimate Member, Member Press, and you can use these plugins as they have many features and splendid interface.

Create a job board or business directory

Generally, people say that our business will get successful only when it helps others and makes their life easy. In a similar way you can think of creating job boards. These are useful for many people and they stay tune to your website every day. There are many free and as well paid plugins like the business directory plugin and as well the WP job manager that are used by many. You can create something like jobs.problogger and get successful.

Benefits with affiliate marketing

This is the simple marketing which people are using these days to get more profit with little effort. You just have to publish the reviews with the affiliate links and get a commission as the product gets sold. Things which people are using for this marketing are reviews, ads, banners or links to their newsletter or websites.

Depending on your interest you can market the products only which you are interested in and get huge profits. There are even many companies which are creating these affiliate programs. One can even make use of the plugins like thirstyaffiliates, auto affiliate links, amazon link engine etc. to check out the products that are available for affiliate marketing.

Create and sell WordPress themes and plugins

Find out the interesting WordPress themes and the plugins that are present. You will be able to make a lot of money when you can find the themes or the plugins that are useful for everyone. Promote all the vital themes of WordPress as there are many people who are using them and making their business simple and efficient.

There are multiple e-commerce plugins and downloads that are helpful for everyone. You can make use of them to sell the themes. The best part is that you can even hire the developers and create wonderful plugins that are useful. Promote these properly and you get success for sure.

All these are the great ways which are useful to monetize the WordPress website which you have. You can have a website about promoting products or in fact about anything. Follow these simple ideas and thereby check how your website is going to raise income for you.

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