Any mistakes made while developing a mobile app will come back to you in the future. This fact is strongly true for mobile app development. Designing errors will come back in potential, impacting app popularity. That’s where the difference in success and failure will lie eventually.

This is right; designing errors can cause a disastrous failure for your application. Yes, it can be a smart move to build an app when the mobile traffic is surpassing desktop traffic. According to an analysis, 500 of the merchants in USA have made 42 percent of sales through mobile apps.

This can be the perfect time to launch an app for your business. Considering you might already have an idea, a budget ready to take an initiative and all you have left is an ultimate road map for your app development. If you are new to app business and need assistance, contact a reputable service provider.

VeztekUSA is a one-name mobile app development company that can provide consultation as well. Since in the cut-throat mobile app business you cannot afford to make mistakes-you will need to spend a lot of money on developing an app and you will also be expecting high ROI deliverance as well. Thus, it is better to consult.

You won’t be able to achieve the results you desire, if your app design is not up to the standards. Let’s discuss the design mistake that can hinder your success and can break your app:

Mistake #1- Ignoring First Visuals

Your app will go through a tough competition. This is not just an understatement but doesn’t fit the description of “app competition”. When the crowd is humongous, the first impression does matter. Your primary aim for success is to capture the attention of users with the first look.

App abandonment rate in app stores is 20% which means users download the app, have a look at it and uninstall-or sometimes it is the look of the app that imposes them to download it. If you don’t want to be among the 20% abandoned apps, then consider making an app that can load quickly, engage user’s through animations, and hold their attention.

Mistake #2- Disregarding Onboard Demonstration

While designing the app, do not fort that the app will be used by the user for the first time. What might seem perfect to your developer an designer will not be the same to the user-the users like apps that demonstrate app features thoroughly while walking through the app.

You will lose potential users if you ignore the importance of onboard-demonstration. The first walk through for what the does and how it functions plays a great role in keeping the users-this is totally based on the first impression. The animations used at the start will have a great impression also remember to keep app usage stress-free.

Mistake #3- Inconsistent

Designing inconsistency can take place due to designer’s tendency of going overboard with their creativity. There can be difference of color on various pages, different typography, and different navigation patterns, all accumulate to design inconsistency. Users never like a steep learning curve!

Mistake #4- Ignorance of Design Minimalism

Sometimes designers forget that the app they are creating is for mobiles and not desktop. An app for mobile is different to a desktop app-luxury of larger screen matches desktop app only. You will need to focus on making the design elements visible onscreen. Along with this, minute details such as width of the finger and “click” area match.


Keep the minor details in focus. You would prefer success and not chaos because of such minor ignorance’s that can crash your app on the first go. Put yourself in the shoe of the user and try seeing things differently. Nothing should be more important than “user-oriented” creation-this will only make it possible for the users to stay.

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