How to reach out to your leads through social media advertising?

Aug 23, 2016, 2:34 pm

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Do you invest in online marketing? What is the ratio of the budget you dedicate for social media marketing?

There are many businesses which still resist investing in social media marketing as they consider it just a platform for networking. In reality, social media advertising can prove to be very beneficial in terms of leads and returns, if you use it wisely. Thoughtfully spent money on social media advertising can help you get high returns in terms of the increased number of leads and sales.

But as mentioned, it is possible only when you utilize the power of social media properly. Whether you hire a social media marketing agency or plan to do it yourself, this is a great medium to generate more leads and grow your online business. To make it easier and effective for you, here are some tips for result-oriented social media advertising.

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Define the audience

The first step in the social media marketing process is to define your target audience. Take out time to categorize the group of people you want to reach. For this, you need to know their interests, their age group, preferred social media networks and preferred form of media. Some of the tips to understand your target audience is:

  • Review the geographical location of your visitors
  • Get a snapshot of the most visited pages and the topics of your website
  • Review the traffic on different types of social media content you share to find out most liked content
  • Identify the most engaging pages of your website
  • These are some of the techniques to identify the interests of your target audience.

Focus on building a strong network

Once you are aware of your target audience’s interest and preferred networks, the next step is to ensure your presence on all those platforms. Instead of trying to be on each platform, you should focus on being present where your target audience goes. For instance, if you are offering makeup products, you should focus on making a strong impact on social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

The right strategy to move on is to develop a clear engagement plan and get content accordingly. Once you are sure about the channels and the content, make a calendar to ensure that your visitors get regular feed to stay connected with you.

OptinMonster: Lead Generation Tool for Marketers

Target and personalize your offers with OptinMonster's powerful segmentation engine lets you show your perfect offer to the right people.

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Offer enticing content

In marketing, the most effective way to get a qualified lead is to offer target customer enticing content. Your content should be so enticing and provoking that it encourages the reader to fill out the form and provide the required information. To get visitor information, you should offer form-gated content on social media channels. Besides getting information, it also helps you measure leads and the conversions.

Write ads as per different channels

Every social media platform has its own strengths for targeting through paid ads. To gain maximum benefits in terms of increased leads, you should use the unique offerings of each channel and create ad copies as per their structure. For instance, to target audience on Facebook, you should focus on creating a powerful story around the brand while on LinkedIn you approach should be to offer data-driven content. Advertising campaigns on Twitter should be based on images and videos as visuals leave a lasting impact on visitors’ mind and encourage them to make a buying decision.

Align social media advertising with organic marketing

Online marketing is a blend of paid and organic promotion techniques. So when investing in paid social media advertising, you should make sure that it complements organic social marketing. An effective way to get most out of both the marketing strategies is to hire an experienced social media management company like Round Ark and let the experts handle all the responsibility of your brand promotion.

There are a huge number of qualified leads you can get from social media marketing. All you need is to follow the right approach and make a result-oriented action plan. Whether you do it yourself or leave it to the professional social media advertising agency, just make sure all the steps are followed properly.

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