Leaked video reveals new version of Microsoft Paint designed for Windows 10

Oct 11, 2016, 7:27 am

Sneha K.

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Microsoft’s age old product Paint which is as old as Microsoft requires some new features for artistic creativity and therefore it is working on Paint’s upgradation. Some leaks showcase that the software giant is working to launch new version of Microsoft Paint. The leaked video if proved to be real reveals that the tech major is planning on the modernization of MS Paint to be included in Windows 10.

As shown on video shared by Walking Cat on Twitter, the focus of new version is on giving all new 3D touch without harming its tradition. Paul’s demo video shows conversion from 2D to 3D and the creative scenes can be viewed from multiple angles. The new version will have extra ability of 3D objects designed to support MS HoloLens headsets. HoloLens are devices which augments wearers vision with holograms.

Since the launch of Microsoft Paint in 1985, it was an untouched feature for upgradation. If the reports are to be taken under consideration the new version of MS Paint will give an extra boost to the users.

The updated Microsoft Paint with a wide range of brushes, stickers and tools aiming for pen friendly interface with 3D touch is estimated to be unveiled on October 28. Microsoft is also going to announce Surface range of computers, Xbox gaming updates and gadgets from OEMs in the same event.

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