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The World’s Top Ten Most Powerful Women In Tech 2016

Nov 11, 2016, 5:35 pm

Women aren’t always depicted as influential or powerful people in the world business, especially when it comes to the tech industry. However, as the decades passed, female business leaders have emerged. They are no longer just playing the roles of mere subordinates or associates. They are already making their mark as leaders, trailblazers, and notable achievers in the field of business.

In the past, tech leaders have always been men. They were the risk takers and decisive thinkers who dominated such fields as programming, the engineering of advanced computer parts, the introduction of new technologies, and the wise management of tech firms that are now the leading companies or major players that dictate the way the tech industry moves. In recent years, though, women are no long just on the sidelines and are now playing roles that men once dominated.

We present to you the most powerful women in the world in tech 2016. Before, women had to compete with men for recognition or acknowledgment in the tech field. Nowadays, women are also competing among themselves. Be inspired with their stories of determination and success.

Get to know the most powerful women in tech for 2016 in our infographic below:

Most Powerful Women In Tech Infographic

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