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iOS 13.1 to solve 3-finger gesture issue in PUBG Mobile and Fortnite

The latest roll-out of the iOS 13 added a new feature to PUBG and Fortnite whereby a three-fingered long press brings up a toolbar. However, this has proved to be a hindrance and a nuisance to the players since the games need two fingers to play. Some players use three fingers in a ‘claw grip’ […]

Terminator arrives on PS4 and Xbox One and this is the trailer

The long-running science-fiction franchise Terminator is about to return to theaters with a new installment starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, but it will also be returning to the arena of video games so that no one is missing the shots, the action and the fighting against the machines. Publisher Reef Entertainment and developer Teyon announced, entirely out […]

Vivo announces NEX 3 5G smartphone with unbound waterfall screen

Vivo has announced its new smartphone NEX 3 5G stating that the company will release the phone in Shanghai on September 16. The phone will reportedly have 100% screen coverage. The new NEX 3 5G will have the first unbounded waterfall screen with a screen ratio of nearly 100%. The phone will include the world’s […]

Lamborghini introduces ‘Sián’: Its first hybrid supercar

On September 2, Lamborghini introduced its new range of luxurious cars named Sián. The company marks the car as “the sudden lightning that marks a real historical change” as Sián means lightning bolt in Bolognese dialect. The new car symbolizes a masterpiece of technology and innovation with an extraordinary hyper-car design. Just like the other […]

Chinese startup LinkSpace to reuse space rockets; conducts third test in 5 months

China is trying to keep up to the space success so far celebrated by other nations, such as US or India, and to do so the Chinese startup LinkSpace completed its third test of a reusable rocket in the past five months. According to the company’s CEO Hu Zhenyu, the rocket RLV-T5 took off in […]