Samsung Galaxy S8 expected to be unveiled in April in New York

Dec 20, 2016, 9:04 pm

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There is fervent news that, Samsung may unveil the Galaxy S8 at New York City in an event, which is going to be held in April 2017. According to the rumors Samsung is going to launch its upcoming flagship device keeping away from the Mobile World Congress.

Since the company is on backfire after the Galaxy Note 7 battery issue is being reported that the company could find out the reason behind battery fire. The Korean technology major has already been reviewing Note 7 dismay in consultation with external agencies, hence, decided to launch the Galaxy S8 in April.

Working with the external companies for the future plans, will help to get back the certainty from the customers. The news has also come out regarding the Galaxy S8 – the smartphone will be launched with the Bezel-less QHD display along with the Home button with the integrated panel. Some online reports also suggest that Galaxy S8 to sport a 3.5 mm jack and with the new Virtual Assistant feature.

Well, Samsung still hasn’t announced any official plans regarding the launch of Galaxy S8. The chief of Samsung Mobile Mr. Koh Dong-Jin has made a conference about the security measures and the minimizing the risk of leaks of the Galaxy S8.

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