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How to find and delete duplicate files on android

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Your device storage sometimes acts like a garage where all unnecessary junk is stored for no good reasons. This junk includes a lot of unnecessary files like log files, cache files, cookies, thumbnails, duplicate files, and many other junk files. All this unnecessary lot of files not only occupy precious storage space but it also affects your device speed and performance negatively. To delete duplicate files from your device and to improve its performance you can look for cleaning of your device on regular intervals. Regular cleaning of your device will help you avert many storages and performance-related issues and provide you seamlessly performing device.

Duplicate Files: The biggest culprit of this wasted lot of files is duplicate files on it. Duplicate files accumulate on your device due to various reasons occupying a lot of storage space. These identical files include all type of files like identical images, similar music and audio files, identical videos, documents and much more. There are various reasons why these similar files accumulate on your device. Let’s discuss some of these reasons here.

Reasons behind duplicate data

File-Sharing: This is one of the biggest reasons why similar files generated on your device. With the surge of smartphone devices, every next user has one smartphone, where they prefer to keep sharing various files. This file-sharing includes sharing and receiving pictures, songs, videos, documents and much more. You keep on sharing and receiving these files on social media platforms, via Bluetooth and different dedicated file-sharing platforms. Many of these file-sharing platforms generate a duplicate copy of the shared file and keep it on your device storage. These files accumulate in your sent and received and hidden folders on your device.

File Downloading: This is the next big medium of getting files on your device. Today almost everything is available on the Internet from where you can download files of your choice anytime anywhere. These files include downloading of pictures, music and audio files, videos, documents and much more. It happens many times when you download the similar file more than twice and more which ultimately accumulate identical files on your device.

Data Backup: To keep your data safe from accidental deletion or due to malicious attack or some other reason, you prefer to keep a backup of your data on external devices or on Cloud servers. When you access this data to back up on your device, it happens sometimes when you backup those files which already exist. Thus, it generates similar files on your device.

Other reasons

  • When apps on your device do not update themselves from the previous version and download a new file. It generates identical data on your device in the form of a sample or other files related to your apps on the device.
  • You can find similar copies of files in the form of installed program files on your device. When two programs install a copy of the same library of the shared code or due to other reasons it generates identical data on your device.
  • Cache files and thumbnails generated due to the actions you take on your device also increase your load of cleaning.

How de-duplication helps?

It offers more storage space: This is the biggest benefit you get when you delete duplicate files and delete duplicate photos (as they share the largest part) from your device. It helps you recover a lot of precious storage space effortlessly. This way you can store more important files on your device.

Improves Speed & Performance of device: The ultimate benefit you get when you delete duplicate files and other unnecessary files from your device is, it helps you improve your device speed and performance significantly. More storage space means less cluttered data and more organized performance of the device. Additional space available on device RAM will translate as the seamless performance of your device.

Reduce searching time: When you delete duplicate files and remove other unnecessary data from your device it helps you organize your cluttered data. It will reduce file searching time of device as it need not sift through unnecessary files and data.

Better management of data: When you delete duplicate photos and other similar files it helps you manage your cluttered and unorganized data on your device. It leads to better management of data on your device.

How to find and delete duplicate files?

Try it manually: The first method you should opt to find and delete duplicate files is to sift through your storage space to find identical files on it. Manual scanning of your device can help you find and delete duplicate photos, audio & videos, documents, and other similar files. To do this, you need to sift through each file & folder on your device. This process consumes a lot of time and efforts. In fact, it is not a proven method, as many files on your device remain in the form of the same size, same content instead of the same name.

Try technology: To deal with the limitations of manual searching and deleting duplicate files on your device, you can select duplicate file remover tools for instant and accurate results. These tools find and delete duplicate files even from the remotest corner of your device storage. To remove duplicate files from your device you can use Duplicate Files Fixer, which is an effective tool to de-duplicate your device instantly. It finds and deletes all type of identical files on your device including similar images, audio, videos, and documents.

To delete duplicate photos from your device you can use duplicate photos fixer, which is again an impressive tool to provide you accurate results. Both tools work on advanced algorithms to provide instant and accurate results. In fact, using these tools, you can save a lot of your time and efforts.

Conclusion: Identical files on your device accumulate on your device due to various reasons. These files not only occupy valuable storage space but they also affect device speed and performance negatively. To find and delete duplicate files and photos from your device manually, can consume a lot of time and efforts. Thus, using duplicate file remover tools prove effective and accurate. These tools are designed to provide you “Stock” Android experience.

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