We, as the users, need security in every aspect of life, including the devices used. A fitting security solution not only provides security for our mobile lifestyle, but also does not restrict users from any activity. Samsung, by this understanding, has come up with the security platform called Samsung Knox. The platform is designed to suit our mobile lives with profound security.

Samsung Knox aims at protecting any and every personal as well professional information stored in your device. It also serves to protect the integrity of the device, and is activated right from the moment the device is turned on. It is going to be inbuilt to your device.

Knox comprises of a two-fold security solution. It starts from the device chipset and expands through all layers of a Samsung device, including the OS. The platform provides security mechanisms and overlapping defense to the Samsung devices with the aim to protect it against any virus, malware, intrusion, and other malicious threats.

Following are the 5 points to give you further details on Samsung Knox and exactly how it works:

Samsung Knox, Separation, and Security

While life of today is becoming more convenient by using a mobile phone, your personal and professional information are often blended together and get congested in the device storage. In the process, it becomes easy for outsiders to access your sensitive data. This is where Knox comes in as it separates personal and professional information in one device through the usage of Secure Folder. This folder is driven by Knox container technology for providing a secure space for the separation, as it creates an additional secure layer.

Samsung Knox countering Potential Mobile Threats

It isn’t always possible for users to keep in mind regarding securing data stored in their mobile, which makes every data vulnerable. Usage of public Wi-Fi provides opening to intruders for accessing your data. The security platform of Samsung Knox creates a digital fortress around your device that shields your sensitive data from malware attacks and unwarranted visitors.

Samsung Knox securing your Digital Payments

Digital payments are now an integral part of the mobile world. Samsung Knox presents an additional defense for protecting your sensitive financial information while using payment services like Samsung Pay. It also lets users to use biometric information for browsing with confidence.

Samsung Knox at Work

Businesses are inclined towards mobile technology to enhance efficiency, which makes security a vital issue. Various kinds of business around the world are using Samsung Knox in order to deliver better services and solutions to the customers. The platform isolates and encrypts corporate data, while consistently monitoring device integrity, by its multi-layered protection. Knox also provides the organizations with complete customization capabilities for their respective devices by the help of Knox Configure.

Samsung Knox to bring Peace of Mind

Our world of today is fast paced, and it is in need of us to cope up with. Often we get ourselves caught in a moment during browsing and other activities, where security is not prioritized at the point. On the way, we lose focus, which takes away our opportunity to do things peacefully. Samsung Knox brings you the required peace of mind in the midst of vulnerabilities that are brought on our mobile lives.

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