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Nest Released New Thermostat E for HVAC Energy Saving

Aug 31, 2017, 8:19 am

Today, Nest released the new Thermostat E that succeeds the firm’s 2011-released original Learning Thermostat. The launch of the redesigned and less expensive thermostat was announced through Nest’s website.

Thermostat E includes a lot of same features as that of its predecessor, one that is of its circular shape. Some of the additional new features are consecutive refreshes, mobile connectivity, intelligent money-saving software, and integrated sensors.

Despite having similarities, this new version is more of an entirely new product line. It is made of white polycarbonate and a frosted LCD screen. The LCD screen is the same color as the body and provides a subtle and soft display.

The new E also has a new interface. It produces a watercolor effect while being combined with a polarized film layer. This makes it provide a high-resolution display and lets the device blend in with any surrounding.

As for user controls, those are similar to the original thermostat. Additionally, it has a large exterior ring for input. The E also has its make with plastic manufactured to make it feel like ceramic.

Adjusting HVAC temperatures is possible by using the wheel, or through iOS app of Nest for remote access. The app also lets you in energy history view, operating schedules, user family account set up, and monitor connected hardware.

Thermostat E is cost effective as well…

The best part of the new Thermostat E is its cost effectiveness for such a high profile package. It costs $169 and is available for purchase on the website of the company.

Source: Apple Insider

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