Qualcomm will Present the Snapdragon 845 in December

Qualcomm Snapdragon 845

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After the presentation of the last high-end processors that have been used by all the flagships to date, many of us are waiting for a continuation as is traditionally the case with Qualcomm processors, but this has not arrived yet.

It was first thought that the 836 would be chosen to be able to give continuity to 835, about a month ago the theory was discarded, which also ruined the possibilities of the OnePlus 5T, although now the same will come.

Now, information comes from Hawaii, the place the event is going to be held on December 4 in Maui, where the Snapdragon 845 will be officially presented, almost 10 months after the 835 was presented at CES this year in January.

Thus, the new processor apparently will have the architecture of less than 10 nm, making it very efficient and at the same time powerful, and will be used by all the flagships next year, starting with Samsung, who seem to have secured the exclusive supply of them, forcing the competition to present their smartphones a bit later than expected, something that happened this year, and it seems that history will repeat soon in 2018.

The Qualcomm new 2018 flagship chipset doesn’t seem to be a big leap to that of Snapdragon 835, though there would still be significant differences in multi-core score as compared to Snapdragon 835 and it seems like the Samsung Galaxy S9 would be the first Smartphone to have it on board, though only for the USA and Chinese Market.

Source: Weibo

Qualcomm will Present the Snapdragon 845 in December