How to Easily Fix Laptop Overheating Problems

Laptop overheating problems are inconvenient and annoying. Thankfully they can usually be solved easily. I will state first and foremost that if your laptop is still under warranty do first contact the manufacturer and see if they’ll replace/fix it for you. If it is out of warranty and you are comfortable working with electronics read on. I have learned this from

The steps are as below:

1. Open it up! every model of laptop varies, but in general, you’re going to remove the screws from the bottom, including the ones over the hard drive and memory access areas, look for additional screws in those compartments as well.
After removing the bottom screws flip it over, the keyboard should pop out now, disconnect the ribbon cable from the motherboard and set it to the side, be careful with this cable, it is fragile. Remove the screws on top, unplug the ribbon for the trackpad and any other cables connected to the palm rest area, and at this point the palm rest should pop off and we have access to the internals.

2. The first thing to check inside is the heat sinks and the fans. Are they clogged up with dust? Just clean them out and 9/10 that will sort your overheating.
3. If you didn’t have a dust problem or you just want to be thorough the next step is to locate the heatsinks over the CPU and GPU, we need to take these off. Every laptop varies in a method, and you may have to completely remove the motherboard, this is not difficult, just be sure to mark things so you’re able to properly reconnect everything.

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4. After removing the heat sinks we need to clean the factory thermal compound off of the processors and the bottom of both heat sinks. There are cleaners made for removing thermal compound available online or at radio shack or any computer parts store. Alternatively, goo gone is cheap, works just as well, and can be bought almost anywhere. Clean all of the old compounds off, the components should be shiny clean when you’re done.

5. Apply a small amount, think like half of a grain of rice, of the suitable thermal compound, such as Artic Silver 5, which can be bought in the same places as the cleaner, to both the GPU and CPU, spreading it evenly and thinly over the top of both chips.

6. Remount heat sinks, be sure to properly re-tighten them, you need very firm contact between the chip and heat sink to properly dissipate heat.

7. Reassemble laptop, enjoy using it now that it does not overheat!

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