Qualcomm’s EVP for Technology, Cristiano Amon said today that the highly anticipated 5G technology will be happening by 2019. 5G is the technology that will provide faster internet service at lower cost than the present standards.

According to Amon, 5G will lower the infrastructure at the enterprise level that will lead to cheaper rates. He further gave more insight into the technology. 5G is about delivering fiber-like speed to mobile devices, and significantly reducing the cost per bit than what it is today.

Amon used electricity as a metaphor for connectivity. “When electricity started, it caused a revolution in the society and people started talking about use cases. With 5G, when not only our devices but everything is connected, we won’t be talking about use cases anymore. We are instead going to assume that connectivity will be there – the same way we approach electricity today.”

He indicated that 5G will happen by the first half of 2019. In 2017 at Mobile World Congress, he stated that 40 companies during that time joined Qualcomm for speeding up the 5G arrival. Today, he said that the entire project has now got to the point of standardizing on the schedule.