Anant Maheshwari, the Microsoft India President spoke to the reporters in a conference in Hyderabad regarding Microsoft’s consumer plans in the country. He repeatedly said that operating systems are not important in today’s time but the mobile apps and services are, echoing the company’s new motto: “Mobile first, Cloud first.”

According to him, Microsoft is looking to provide the services everywhere relevantly. He mentioned about the syncing capabilities of OneNote app that he enjoys on his Surface and iPhone.

Microsoft a critical partner or player in the mobile revolution – Anant Maheshwari, Microsoft India President.

He further talked about the Surface Phone, Xbox, and Windows 10 S, along with an outline of Enterprise policy and initiatives on Office 365. He even added that Microsoft is dedicated to providing support on all ecosystems.

Most interestingly, when questioned on the Surface Phone, he did not rule out the possibilities of the new arrival of the lineup. In fact, given the stature that Microsoft holds in the markets, a Windows Surface Phone is likely to be in the future corners in their plan.

This takes us to the point where the Windows Phone division was scrapped earlier this year. Since then, the company remained silent regarding its mobile efforts in the upcoming days, until now! Rumors on the Surface Phone may thusly turn to be true and we are eager to see what Microsoft brings next.

While talking about next plans, Anant seemed quite jolly, unlike other executives of the company.

In case the Windows Surface Phone arrives, it will be inclined to enterprise usage more than consumer-focused, that’s for sure.