Nokia is working on a smartphone with a 5-lens camera, expected launch this year

Jan 21, 2018, 6:45 am

Varun K.

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Yes, you have heard correctly, a mobile is expected to be available in the market with 5 lenses camera, which HMD Global is currently working on.

This is something that for many may seem a bit incredible, but this is a brand that in some occasions in the past already surprised the locals and strangers with projects of this type, works that are a little showy for their clients. In fact, surely many of you still remember that six years ago, Nokia surprised the mobile phone industry with the presentation of the first terminal in the world that boasted of having a 41 MP camera, we refer to the Nokia 808 PureView.

Well, in the current times when the camera has become a very important element in any phone worth its salt, it seems that the Finnish company HMD Global is now working to bring another amazing device to the market in this regard since it would include a 5 lens camera. Actually, it is something very similar to another project of the firm itself with its Nokia OZO, a camera that has eight lenses but adapted to enter the body of a smartphone.

Nokia could have a five-camera phone

All this has been told by a source familiar with the business R & D of Foxconn, which is important because HMD is working closely with Foxconn to launch their new Nokia terminals, so that collaboration between the two companies is strongly related to the Finnish brand.

Thus, and as part of the plans of the aforementioned firm Foxconn, HMD is preparing a smartphone with a five-lens camera to be called Nokia 5 lens camera to be produced in series, so everything indicates that the device would be presented later this year.

It should be mentioned that at the moment there are not too many details about the actual functioning of this novel lens system and what its purpose will be. Of course, as is easy to assume, the terminal will have a very powerful camera, in fact, this is something that to date has never before been seen. It should be clear that there is nothing confirmed in this regard, but to start mass production, it would undoubtedly be a terminal much desired by the regulars of photography.

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