Sony Xperia XZ Premium, XZ1 and XZ1 Compact devices are having a GPS related issue after the January security update has been rolled out. It isn’t new these days that broken functionality reports show up right after updates are being rolled out, and Sony’s phones seem to be the newest addition to the list.

As for the issue in question, the said Sony devices are showing the GPS icon at the top of the notification bar, irrespective of whether it is activated or not. A user shared screenshots which show that the service is deactivated, but the icon is still displayed.

Several Xperia XZ1 users complained that even after turning the location off in their respective handsets, the icon doesn’t go away. Some XZ1 Compact users said that the problem disappears after the phone is rebooted, but then again the icon appears automatically and stays all the way.

These are similar to the complaints received from the XZ Premium users as well. Few of the affected users tried resolving by using the factory reset and safe mode, which too were not successful.

A Sony forum member said that the issue has been escalated to the company, but so far there’s no official statement regarding the resolve or at least the acknowledgement. The complaints are piling up on the Sony forum nonetheless!

We do hope Sony grabs hold of the matter, and are on our toe to serve you with the next update regarding this as soon as developments come up. Meanwhile, tell us in comments below if you have faced the same issue or any other after receiving the Xperia January security update from Sony. Stay tuned to us!