How to write Google winning article: Detailed guide

What does it take to create a ‘Google-winning article’? Web-articles are flooding the internet but what makes it valuable and unique? Read further to get some idea of the whole thing plus some tips.

Creating website content is an art and Google supports those that are user-friendly; one that the user can read and navigate through without giving rise to too many complications. That is why there have also been laid down numerous rules and regulations the content creator must stick to. Spams, deceptive websites that launders money, those that leak confidential personal or political information, hate sites, etc. is barred.

What sells?

The internet provides global connectivity, as a result, one tends to keep track that goes on in this world. It does not take time for a trend to gain mass or global notice. Search engines will always optimize content in a way to put the popular in the initial pages. Building a site that records or keep tracks of global events, popular trends are highly valued by search engines like Google since it knows that the mass will run for information, all of which cannot be covered by books and newspapers. Making useful sites that compile such information, take the cake.

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However, it must be maintained that whatever is being published must be authentic and not made up. If caught during a scrutiny, Google can block such sites. Therefore, many sites provide hyperlinks that direct the user to the source material, say for instance, some article on a particular event or a phenomenon on a news website.

What is stopped?

Google has its own set of regulations it won’t just allow any flashy site to run on the internet. For them, the look and its content both matters; sites must have contents that are user-oriented and good-looking article any webmaster can gain benefits. Now by the prohibition of Google ad services, means that the sites will not be able to earn from advertisements. In order to provide a peek at the rules and conditions, a few have been listed below:

1. Prohibition of web-pages which offends other people hurts their feelings, body-shaming; those that function as hate-groups, promote violence, racial-sexual-classist badmouthing, advocates harming an individual or group and other such discriminatory practice.

2. Sites that promote drug abuse or market drugs like heroin, cocaine, meth, speed, mephedrone or any kind of instruments that are utilized in the procedure of drug abuse.

3. Ad services will not be given to those websites or web pages which advocate hacking of other sites, software or similar products.

4. Sites that market or promote alcohol or smoking tobacco will be denied ad services as they are considered harmful to human health. Even sites that link to such sites will not get the benefit.

5. Often, a user might come across incentives that pops up at the corner of their screen while they are surfing, browsing through their mail, chatting, etc. Sites like these are also denied the Google ad service.

In short…

Websites make their money from advertisements. The more the popularity of a site, the more will be the demands from companies to post their ads. Popularity depends on what you are selling, if it is something that will draw the mass more to their screens, as mentioned before, things like latest fashion trends, celebrity gossip, comic book discussions, movies, video games, food, etc. if compiled well in easily comprehensible articles, scalability increases.

Making useful websites mean user-friendly content, not just bland pages of writings against a monochromatic background but also nothing too flashy. A fine balance. While this may take some time but it will surely pay off. It is to be kept in mind that the internet is a brilliant piece of invention, it is as beautiful as it is dangerous; in either way its potential is huge.

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Amanda Wilson
Amanda Wilson
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