Samsung has always been the forerunner in developing smoother and faster communication services and was also the first company to commercialize CDMA (Code-Division Multiple Access). It is continuing the evolution of its technological expertise, the latest product of which is a chipset that supports 28 GHz, 5G spectrum, in-home devices, base stations, and network core equipment. The chipset in question has been launched at the ongoing Mobile World Congress.

This chipset will allow 5G base stations to automatically recognize Samsung’s 5G devices when installed in home and enterprises and provide said devices with broadband services reaching a speed of up to 16 GBPS. On the other hand, the network core equipment will be responsible for resource management and real-time data traffic distribution.

Samsung 5G NetworkTo begin commercializing 5G, an ecosystem comprising of manufacturers of chipsets, devices, and other equipment needs to be created. Samsung’s end-to-end solutions deal with each aspect of this 5G network cycle, allowing it to enable the early commercialization of 5G with stable service quality. This may be counted as a reason why Verizon, the largest mobile network operator in the US, selected Samsung as its vendor.

Samsung, which has been investing in 5G Research and Development since 2012, has finally begun to commercialize its services by pairing up with major mobile network operators in markets with advanced 5G adoption such as Korea, the US, and Japan. Samsung has collaborated with Verizon in the US and has already deployed 5G networks in seven of the eleven cities initially chosen for trial services.

What it means for a single company to be able to provide chips, devices and equipment is that it can optimize 5G and bring out the best of this new exciting technology all by itself. Beginning this year, we plan on peeling off the layers, one by one, to show how a connected world built by a full 5G commercial product lineup will unfold before our eyes. – Tim Baxter, President of Samsung Electronics America at mwc

In September of 2017, Samsung collaborated with Korean telecommunications operator SK Telecom to successfully demonstrate the intertwining of 4G and 5G networks. While Japan has chosen 2020 as the year for launching 5G commercially, French operator Orange has chosen to accelerate 5G commercialization by collaborating with Samsung.