Intel considers buying Broadcom before it attempts to take over Qualcomm

Mar 10, 2018, 5:00 pm

Shahid M.

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Intel, one of the top chip making company of the world, looks quite interested in the bid made by Broadcom in order to acquire Qualcomm. Intel is somehow worried as the competition between these two companies might become very much capable of providing once they get combined. The Wall Street Journal has described this probable partnership as a probable serious threat to Intel’s business.

There’s a stint of a doubt though. Very recently a federal probe was launched into the deal. The Foreign Investment Committee did express their concerns about Broadcom’s troubled relationships with foreign entities. Broadcom, as of now, has a market value of about $104 billion. It’s being said that if Broadcom somehow succeeds in closing the Qualcomm deal, we could see Intel stepping in with a much bigger offer for Broadcom. According to insiders, Intel might follow the path of making smaller acquisitions, as well. Before this Intel Broadcom Acquisition, Intel has already acquired Mobileye and Altera. Work is in progress to integrate them.
There was an official statement released by Intel in which they clearly denied to make any comment on ‘speculations‘.

Interestingly, today in the stock market, the shares of Broadcom underwent a huge surge from 5.2% to 267.01%. Intel dipped by a margin of 0.8% whereas Qualcomm eased by 0.4%.

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