The Xiaomi MIX 2S was scheduled to release on 27 March, just two days away from now. Ahead of the much-talked smartphone launch some of the key features revealed online.

As per the disclosure of the report, some of the important features are as follows –

The upcoming smartphone to talk all about the AI. The Xiaomi MIX 2S to feature AI face unlock, AI screen recognition camera, AI dual camera and wireless fast charge. Coming to the in-depth specification, the Xiaomi MIX 2S will be having the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor which the company teased during MWC 2018. By incorporating this powerful processor looks like Xiaomi wants to keep the device in a long run and it is definitely going to make its mark into flagship mobile genres.

Looking at the specifications we can clearly say that Xiaomi has put some serious efforts into the camera module of the device to make the smartphone stand apart from the others. The AI dual-camera or the AI scene recognition camera is the main thing to talk about. So, what it does? The background separation becomes more three-dimensional and clear while taking pictures of a particular entity. Along with this, when it comes to low-light or night-mode shooting, a beautiful light effect is assembled, which makes the photo more enchanting.

The AI face recognition, however, may appear as a loop-hole in terms of security. Presently, the iPhone X is the only smartphone in the market with face recognition which has reached the financial payment security level.

Xiaomi has blended the wireless fast charging technology, where the wireless charging power will be 7.5W according to IT home’s previous report.