On Monday at the SharePoint Virtual Summit, streamed live from SharePoint Conference North America, Microsoft revealed mixed reality and AI to the masses followed by two mixed reality apps for the workplace at build 2018. The company has announced that mixed reality is headed to SharePoint in collaboration with AI content features.

With over 400,000 customer organizations, SharePoint leads the industry in content services and collaboration. SharePoint pioneered combining document management and web publishing, brings enterprise content management to the cloud and infusing AI into content with the Microsoft Graph.

Today, we unveiled SharePoint spaces immersive, mixed reality experiences which enable you to view and interact with content from every angle and visualize and manipulate data and product models in real-time. Mixed reality experiences immerse you, focus your attention, engage your senses, and spark your curiosity and imagination to unlock new scenarios for communication, learning, and collaboration. – Jeff Teper, Corporate Vice President for OneDrive, SharePoint, and Office

Mixed reality experiences help new employees to learn about a company in a compelling. They can navigate the campus or building with 3D maps; learn the organizational structure with an interactive organization chart.

With mixed reality, learning comes to life by captivating your focus and attention. You can explore personalized, relevant, and dynamic content. Ignite your curiosity by discovering new insights, and dive deep into topics that matter to you. It also helps to create an inspiring space for your team to spark innovation.

Microsoft SharePoint spaces will allow anyone to build mixed reality experiences in minutes using templates with customizable surroundings, sounds, lighting, and more. Customers and partners will soon be able to apply to take part in a limited Microsoft SharePoint spaces preview.

SharePoint SpacesSharePoint powers content collaboration in Office 365 and is infused with AI. “AI builds an understanding of what you work on, how you work, and how your colleagues’ work relates to you”.

If there is any need for any expertise content, apps, or resources when you’re on the go, the new Find tab in the SharePoint mobile app is a great place to start looking. The Office.com also saves your time. You can start your work and get back to what matters most to you and see files that AI has identified as most likely to need your attention.

AI can determine where photos were taken, recognize objects and extract text in photos thus making it easier for you to search for images as easily as for documents. Lastly, Microsoft Flow has been enhanced to streamline processes that integrate cognitive services.