Capcom has officially announced the game Resident Evil 7 for Nintendo Switch in Japan. Resident Evil 7: Cloud version is going to be streamed from the cloud server.

The game will be exclusively launched on Switch eShop in Japan on May 24. Due to the cloud-only factor, the gameplay at the beginning is likely to be tougher as compared to other Nintendo Switch games. Although, a stable internet connection will be ideal for the gamers.

The first 15 minutes of the game will be playable for free. The continuous playing will require a pass for 2,000 Yen or $18 with a validity of 180 days. Within the time period, players will get to have unlimited access to every offering of the game, along with saving in the cloud.

After the tenure, the savings in the cloud may be deleted. It appears that Capcom is doing this regarding inactive accounts. This also means that the savings cannot be done in the console either, unlike other Nintendo Switch titles.

There’s good news too! The game will bring all post-launch DLC released in 2017 for its other versions. Accordingly, gamers get to experience End of Zoe expansion, Chris Redfield DLC, and the content with the extended storyline, all for free!

Capcom may either release the game outside Japan or sell a physical copy, in future. The cloud-only factor may not attract a mass number of users, but its probable popularity may make other Nintendo Switch games follow the Resident Evil 7 suite.

The game is available across Windows, PS4 and Xbox One since January last year.