Far Cry Adds Hours of Darkness DLC in Its Series Focusing on Stealth Mode

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Far Cry recently launched a new teaser for their upcoming gaming series, their first DLC add-on. The new game is called Far Cry 5: Hours of Darkness DLC, which takes place during the Vietnam War where the user will play the role of a US soldier behind enemy lines after a chopper crash which is so typical of all the wargaming series. The game starts on the western edge of the map, and the player will have to make their way towards the eastern border for rendezvous and rescue. There are bonus points along the way, like freeing the Vietnamese friendlies and other American soldiers, and these will give the players more info about the area and add new icons to the map.

Several other missions, like calling in airstrikes, need to be completed. The planes, too, will give the players additional information about the area and add to the other objectives. What is distinct about this game is that it encourages the players to take stealth mode for planning and carrying out their escape plan.

The game developers have obviously added some perks to help the players with the stealth mode. They just help them sneak them around a bit. Death comes quietly here as there is only a single health bar. However, crafting a media kit has become so much easier because it only requires finding and harvesting three plants. After completing this, a kit is added to the inventory list.

Because the game hugely depends on the stealth mode players, it has become less dangerous. The players can run through the maps and the fields without attracting a lot of enemies or causing trouble. The players will have to go look for trouble, and the trouble does not come looking for the player.

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