Nintendo Announces Super Smash Bros Ultimate to the Switch Gaming Console

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In March, Nintendo announced Super Smash Bros for a Nintendo Switch game console at a virtual press conference. At the E3 game fair last week in Los Angeles, Nintendo revealed more details about Super Smash Bros Ultimate. The new game has no less than 65 playable characters.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate on Nintendo Switch

All playable figures from previous parts will also appear in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Many characters get new moves and outfits, and other fighting styles have been added. In addition, three new characters appear; princess Daisy – known from Super Mario games, the villain Ridley – known from Metroid games and the hero Inkling – known from Splatoon.

That Inkling also appears in Super Smash Bros Ultimate was actually no surprise anymore. At the teaser that Nintendo showed in March 2018, the Splatoon character was already used. Incidentally, all amiibo in the series will also be compatible with the Ultimate variant. The game release is scheduled for December 7, 2018.

Nintendo gaming computers with Super Smash Bros

The fighting game Super Smash Bros has been incredibly popular among Nintendo gaming enthusiasts for years. The game was first released in 1999 on the Nintendo 64. In the original Super Smash Bros game, there were only 8 characters to be seen. A big difference between the 65 playable fighters on the Nintendo Switch.

After the release of the Nintendo 64, the fighting game also appeared on other game consoles. On the GameCube, it became even the best-selling game. Not surprising that Nintendo later decided to release Super Smash Bros on Nintendo 3DS, Wii, and Wii U.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate SwitchThe new game also supports different controllers, so you like to play with the GameCube controller or with the Joy-Con; these are all usable with Super Smash Bros Ultimate. You only need a USB adapter for this.

Popular is the multi-player mode; up to four players can participate and at each game, players can adjust certain rules themselves. With Super Smash Bros Ultimate, it is even possible to play with 8 players. It is also one of the few Nintendo games where large eSports tournaments are held.

Are you a fanatic Super Smash Bros gamer yourself? In the Netherlands there when Bonami game console Museum Zwolle every three months a Super Smash Bros tournament held on the Nintendo Wii. The next tournament will take place during the summer holidays and is scheduled for Saturday, July 14, 2018.

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