Indie Highlights presentation has recently announced that Morphies Law, a competitive shooting game will hit the screens on Nintendo Switch from today.

The game was originally planned for Switch in August last year. Unlike most of the conventional games in the market, Morphies law is a game with a unique twist to its gameplay. It is a 4-on-4 shooter game, where each hit counts for your body mass. Yes! You’ve heard that right. With every shot, you score and whichever body part your bullet hits the enemy in, the mass of the area where the bullet strikes start increasing: making you expand in size and the size of your enemy shrinks simultaneously.

The mechanism behind the game is great and it has a huge effect on the Morphies Law gameplay. With secret passages and deadly ambushes scattered across the way to victory, the game itself is fun. All you need to do to lay low and hide in the game is take a calculated amount of hits and shrink down; this provides a perfect opportunity for the tiny version of you to hide in secret passages and plan an ambush for other players. At the same time, if you have grown gigantic thanks to your hits, you’re an easy target for other players as well. With a fresh new concept and an exciting gameplay, the game surely sounds promising enough.

Morphies Law launches on the Nintendo Switch eShop today, 20th August, at 6 pm BST / 7 pm CEST in Europe. A release time for North America is yet to be announced.

Mind you! Size really does matter!