Tesla Dash cam functionality soon to arrive in its supercars

Tesla Dash Cam

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Dash cams are really useful nowadays as it helps the driver with a lot of things; from providing useful footage to any sort of accidents or disputes to capturing unexpected moments which may prove to be viral in the future. Tesla’s Autopilot depends, more or less, entirely on its built-in cameras. There are eight built-in cameras which help to get a sense of the surroundings and respond to it accordingly for the Autopilot mode. However, drivers have not been able to access any of those cameras.

Keeping the requests of the users in mind, Elon Musk has said that Tesla dash cam functionality will soon be available in their supercars. The requests to access some of the cameras as a Tesla dash cam have been made over Twitter and Musk has responded to it over the same platform. Elon Musk’s tweet regarding the availability of the dash cam read, “Good news on this front. Tesla engineering rallied & this will be part of [Autopilot version 9]. Going through final testing now.” He added further that the function would first launch as a “beta version” and that it will gradually improve with V9.1.

Jason Hughes, a Tesla owner found out back in 2016 that the built-in Tesla cameras already record footage. He found out that the footage from the cameras was saved to the car’s Media Control Unit when the airbags deployed. The footage helps the engineers to find out and determine whether the accident was caused by the driver or by some faulty issue with the car’s onboard computers.

Tesla’s version 9 is already expected to be of high functionality and the car has created a huge hype among the future buyers and owners of the previous versions of the car. Version 9 is said to introduce more advanced autonomous-driving features. The launch for the Tesla Autopilot 9 was expected to be in August but it got pushed back somehow. Finally, the officials said that the Autopilot will first be made available to select beta testers before heading to everyone else a few weeks later.

Tesla Dash cam functionality soon to arrive in its supercars