5 Features business enterprise need to include while building a mobile app

Enterprises are rapidly moving to mobile apps for pacing up operations and organizing the workflow. It is not an easy job to move enterprise operations to a secure and comprehensive mobile App. Because of this, the business enterprise app must have a particular set of features that will make it usable. While there is a multitude of features, the 5 prime features that cannot be compromised are as below:

1. Process Automation

Automation is the key that drives the need for a mobile App. With the enterprises growing in size and spreading across borders, it is becoming difficult for resources to stay connected at a central point.

A mobile app development company for enterprise actually mirrors its day to day operations. When the employee has access to these apps in a secure and role-based model, they can stay more organized and productive even if they are traveling. The focus, while you hire an App developer for app development, must be to serve a platform for employees where they can stay connected with the central system over an automated channel.

2. Easy integration

Data Integration

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No enterprise is away from technology nowadays. According to the Bimodal IT approach, the enterprise App must be smart enough to meet the futuristic needs of the organization and at the same time, it must seamlessly integrate with the existing IT set up of the enterprise. The tools the mobile App has to offer must be an extension of the existing system so that the Enterprise is benefited.

3. Intuitive interface

An enterprise will have a range of employees. Both technically proficient and the ones who are not yet comfortable with technology must be able to use the apps with an equal degree of comfort and precision. The experience of the App is entirely dependent upon how the front-end designer builds the UI. If you hire an App Developer, you will have more control over development. Having a good UI is not about beauty, but the improved usage of the App. The user experience becomes a primary feature of enterprise mobile app development as it directly translates into the productivity of the resources.

The user experience enhances when the App offers the capability to work offline and sends notifications of any process that flows through.

4. Data Connectivity in real-time

Enterprises have a lot of data spread across multiple verticals and are being used by a lot of resources across the system. The data access must be quick and should be secured and based on user roles too. Apart from this, what is gaining pace in the system is the need of data in real-time. This feature is of tremendous importance when the app is for sales and marketing teams.

Technology Integration

Data reveals a lot of insight into how business is operating and becomes critical for the employee in the field who is trying to make sales or win a deal. The access to real-time data and analysis of that data is a pivotal factor for enterprise growth. Mobile Apps with such extensive features prove to be a boon for enterprise growth.

5. Security is prime

Enterprise data and its network are worth millions. If any miscreant grabs hold of the network or its data, a critical business operation may fail. The enterprise apps can never keep security a secondary feature. It is crucial to keep the employees and the entire enterprise data safe.

Losing enterprise data to any kind of hack or data leak can lead to tremendous loss of an enterprise and may lead to even a major shut down. Data that goes through the Mobile App must be monitored and multiple levels of security measures, roles-based access to the data must be put up in a place so that the data loss can be controlled.

The architecture and approach of an enterprise app development company are quite different from a regular App. So, when you hire an app developer, make sure that they excel in enterprise-level app development. The differentiator features offered by an expert mobile App developer will lead to the transformation in enterprise growth.

In 2018, the prime focus of App developers has been to follow an event-driven approach for enterprise app development. This unique approach will actually make the Apps work in real-time and lead to the development of a dynamic growth cycle. The Apps must be flexible enough to change the operations on the basis of the events. A responsive App that works on real-time data in a secure manner is a gold mine for the enterprise.

By making sure the above features are well-covered in an enterprise App, the enterprise can endeavor to improve the engagement of employees and growth will be established.

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