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Samsung inventions: Smartphone display stretches out to the size of a Tablet

Dec 3, 2018, 7:45 am

A new Samsung patent application showcases a smartphone display that can be stretched out to the screen to the size of a mini tablet. This will help the user to view videos or play games on a larger screen than of a smartphone.

This patent application was filed by Samsung in Q1 2018 and was published on 29th of Nov by U.S Patent and Trademark Office.

Samsung made sure that they cover these points during their invention which was explained as

“An electronic device that may include a flexible display member, a fastening member overlapping the display member in a plan view, a housing unit including a first case member and a second case member configured to contain respective opposite portions of the display member, and a hinge unit including a body member coupled to the fastening member to be rotatable in the plan view, a first moving member connecting a portion of the body member to the first case member, and a second moving member connecting an opposite portion of the body member to the second case member.”

As per the illustration given in the patent, the smartphone will come with side bezels which are to be pulled both sides to expand the display to a mini tablet size, it also gives a brief idea about the hinge configurations and fastening member that could be adapted to support the stretchable display for the Samsung smartphone. It explains how both of the sides of the smartphone will remain blocked unless an icon is pressed which will then unlock the side bezels allowing the user to stretch the display.

A device like this is on a block, as was expected last month, Samsung introduced a prototype of a folding smartphone. Then only it was illustrated by the new infinity flex display which had smartphones which can be folded, scrolled or stretched, and now we can finally see a smartphone in the stretchable category of the patent.

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