Today LetsGoDigital reports about a new patent, this time it is an LG smartwatch with a digital camera.

LG smartwatch with a camera

On December 20, 2018, WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) and USPTO (the United States Patent and Trademark Office) published a patent from LG Electronics for a Smartwatch and method for controlling same’. The patent describes a smartwatch with a camera, which is multi-usable.

Because of the small housing of a Smartwatch, there is simply less space for all components than with a smartphone or tablet. LG has therefore decided to integrate the camera into the watch band.

To make a good composition it is necessary to be able to move the camera. You can easily move a smartphone in any direction, for a watch that is on your wrist that is something else. Therefore, the camera is configured so that it can move in the direction of the object to be photographed.

Several possible solutions are described. For example, the watch band can slide into the watch case, causing the camera to move towards the watch case. As an alternative, the possibility is described that the camera itself moves on the watch band, this can be done within the band itself – this is the most advanced solution, but also by using a clip that you attach to the watchband or a loose link that you can easily swap with another link.

Making the camera movable makes it easier for the user to determine the right composition and capture beautiful pictures with your smartwatch. In addition to a camera, the watch band will also have a sensor, so that the watch band is connected to the watch case and the associated functionalities.

The patented LG smartwatch has a crown on the side of the watch case for operation. In addition, a touchscreen is of course installed. It is possible that analog hands are added, or perhaps a hybrid smartwatch, such as the recently introduced Watch W7. Furthermore, LG’s patent discusses the possible integration of a fingerprint sensor.

Possibilities of the smartwatch camera

The camera can recognize faces, so you can take a picture of a person, after which a cut of the face is made. The camera automatically adjusts brightness and contrast according to the shooting conditions.

Do you want more information about a certain product? Take a picture and give a long-press on the display, then the smartwatch will deliver the corresponding information. With food, for example, the number of calories shown or a recipe or a shop where the product is for sale. This data can then be stored on the smartwatch.

The camera applications go even further. So it is also possible to photograph an object with a pattern print. For example the print of your coffee cup. By pressing your finger a bit longer on the touchscreen, several options will appear, after which it is possible to use the image as a watch face. So you can easily create your own watch faces.

Also thanks to the camera it is possible to scan barcodes and QR codes. After scanning a QR code, the corresponding information and/or URL is automatically displayed. The scanning of barcodes results in extensive product information, such as the product name, volume of the product, serial number, etc. Based on this information can then be switched to giving purchase tips; where can you buy the product and at what price.

LG smartwatches in 2019

Although you can now buy various smartwatches with a camera, none of the renowned brands have a smartwatch with a camera in the range. Perhaps this will change in 2019, finally, the camera is a very important part of our smartphone. It, therefore, seems to be a matter of time before the camera is also generally good for our smartwatch.