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Firefox new update 64.0.2 addresses crash fixes on Mac OS X devices

Jan 10, 2019, 8:41 am

Mozilla Firefox is a fast, full-featured powerful Web browser. Firefox includes features like pop-up blocking, integrated Google search, simplified privacy controls, a streamlined browser window that shows some additional features that work for you to help you get the most out of your time online.

Since version 60, Firefox includes the option to use DNS over HTTPS (DOH). After activating Domain Name System (DNS) over Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS), the DNS requests are sending encrypted over the HTTPS protocol. As of December 2018, currently supported versions 64.0 and 60.4.0esr are available in 89 locales for Android exclusively. On the other hand, Firefox version 64.0 was not an Android release.

HTTPS matters to all sites even if it doesn’t contain sensitive data. Get your site encrypted with SSL now.

The new version is pre-specified by Firefox’s automatic updating functionality 64.0.2. To use the updated version users just need to verify it by selecting Menu then select ‘Help’ and then ‘About Firefox’ from the menu tab. The new version is a release of bug fixes addressing several issues of the previous version of Firefox including a video stuttering issue on YouTube and a crash fix on Mac OS X devices running Firefox.

Firefox QuantumA new feature of the updated Mozilla Firefox 64.0.2 checks the add-ons to see which ones are installed and which ones come from the third-party vendors, taking instances like the security suite makers. Firefox can have themes added to it, created or downloaded from third-party apps to change the appearance of the browser. The Firefox add-on website also provides aptness to add other applications such as games, ad-blockers, screenshot apps, and many other apps. The new version is built on top of the powerful new Gecko platform, that enables in a much safer and easier to use and more personal product.

The new version’s features are robust and generally fierce. The most highlighting feature in the modern updated Firefox is Sync. It can now smoothly sync your bookmarks, passwords, preferences, history, and tabs, not only with other computers but also with your other devices of Firefox.

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