New Year, New Tech! 4 Must Have Gadgets for 2019

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We’ve all heard – and probably said – the age-old mantra: “New Year, new me!”. But what does that really mean? Many people take the beginning of a new year as a chance to create a fresh start for themselves. It’s an opportunity to reinvent and create something better.

But the resolutions they want can be hard to stick to if they don’t make all the necessary changes. To change yourself, you need to change your surroundings and environment. And you want these changes to reflect the new you.

One of the best places to start making upgrades is with the things you use every day: try upgrading to a new phone, switching out that tired old phone case, or jamming out to a new Bluetooth speaker. Little changes and upgrades in your tech can go a long way toward helping you feel fresh and new – and keeping you current on all the latest advances. If you’re looking to start the New Year off right, consider trying some of these:

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A New Camera

Maybe one of your resolutions was to take up a new hobby, or maybe you’re already a skilled photographer. Either way, the New Year is one of the best times to purchase a new camera, lens, memory card, or any photography equipment. And not just because it fits your resolution, but because many stores are having huge sales and dramatic markdowns. Cameras and gear are cheap for a limited time only.

If you’re going to need one in the upcoming year, now is the time to buy. If you made it your resolution to practice more or improve your photography skills, the expense will also help motivate you to pursue your goals –why wait and pay full price when you can get one now and pay half the retail amount?

A New Phone

Another great piece of tech to switch out is your phone. You use it every day, and it likely gets more wear and tear than any other device you own. There’s no better way to give yourself a fresh start than by switching up your most used item. Many cell phone carriers also switched over from the traditional 2-year plans in favor of new plans that let you upgrade whenever you pay off your phone – so even if your last upgrade was less than 2 years ago, you might not have to wait.

If you don’t want to upgrade your phone, another easy alternative is to upgrade your phone case. A new case can give your phone a whole new life; try a new color or a new pattern – metallic shades and marble phone cases are very popular now. If you get bored, you can always replace it with something trendier!

Wireless Headphones

Most of us make some sort of resolution about improving our health and working out more. What better way to keep yourself motivated than with a new pair of headphones? A good set of wireless, Bluetooth-enabled headphones or earbuds will change your workout – no more listening to whatever music the gym is playing, and no more pesky cords getting in your way.

Wireless – and Waterproof – Speakers

While you’re upgrading your sound systems, why not also throw in one of the best new advances on the market: waterproof speakers? Wireless ones can go with you anywhere: the pool, the shower, outdoors, or to the gym. You never again have to choose between your music and the safety of your speakers.

These speakers come in all different shapes, sizes, sound ranges, and price points, so you can definitely find one that will suit your needs exactly. Some even have suction cups on the bottom for use in the bathtub!

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