Huawei at the Taking Computing to New Levels press conference in Beijing, China, introduced its new FusionServer Pro intelligent servers. A next-generation x86 servers that will accelerate the transformation of data centers with its ultra-high intelligent acceleration engine.

The company said that the new generations of servers sport a smart acceleration engine and smart management engine along with intelligent data center solution with much stronger computing power. The x86 servers also have intelligent data center systems upgrading traditional servers into intelligent ones with storeyed services that cover single-node, large-scale, and ultra-large-scale deployment scenarios.

By initiating an intelligent acceleration engine and an intelligent management engine, Huawei says to have upgraded its conventional servers to intelligent servers to help companies build intelligent data center infrastructure – Zhang Xiaohua, FusionServer president

The servers also feature intelligent L1-L2 linkage which can seamlessly link air conditioners at L1 and the servers at L2 to improve the overall energy efficiency of data centers. Additionally, the servers will come with an integrated cabinet system. This means data centers can introduce them rapidly on a large-scale with node blind-mate insertion, and intelligent robot O&M for unattended intelligent data centers.

As the Artificial Intelligence era is impacting all industries, enterprises are switching to cloud computing and big data technologies to optimize their productivity and are transforming business models and service models with AI applications.

The development of AI technologies depends on powerful computing, and significant data analytics capabilities and emerging trends pose increasing demands for the computing and storage capacity of servers.