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A new bug of Pokémon GO would be causing a quite serious problem: accounts of users with higher level and more experience would be pokemon go fix pokemon go fix . Apparently, no type of subsequent update could recover, and we would talk about a failure that has been growing over the months according to players in the community of Reddit.

For a few months now, Pokémon GO players have been suffering from this type of problem in their profiles. However, the ruling would be spreading in recent days, reaching more users than ever. The Pokemon Go bug attacks without reason or warning: the account we have in the game disappears without further ado. Players receive an alert when they try to log in, explaining that their data is not available and that a connection error has occurred.

A Pokemon Go bug already existed and appeared in a casual way between players when logging in. However, it has gone viral in the last hours and is taking more victims. The users who led a gym and who were affected by this issue have left the centers blocked in the game. The Pokemon Go bug is not only eliminating your account, but it is also spoiling the game experience and gym bouts.

Niantic still seems to find no explanation for this problem and according to reports, the issue has already been extended enough to be considered a major error. At the moment, the developer has not announced any patch or update to prevent it. There is no way to secure our account due to the few details we have about the failure.

While they have come to Niantic with the problem, the company has found that it has no solution to the failure to offer. When the developer searches for the profile in question, they realize that there is no stored data, and that account has been deleted from the server. According to several users, it is confirmed that the cause and extent of this bug are unknown, but TheSilphRoad has confirmed, according to the various reports and notices, that it is something widespread enough to be worrisome.

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