Samsung has introduced a Web of Issues (IoT) processor aimed toward offering short-distance knowledge communications. Samsung Exynos i T100 can be utilized in small IoT gadgets corresponding to gasoline detectors, temperature controllers, window sensors, in addition to proper lighting fixtures, it was once designed for use for knowledge communications inside distances shorter than 100 meters.

The chipset has been designed keeping the use cases of deployment of IoT devices in such a way that it is enabled to work under extreme temperature ranging from -45 degree Celsius to 125 degree Celsius.

Low-power short-range IoT solutions that connect various products in our homes or buildings can make our lives easier and safer – Ben Hur, senior vice president of System LSI marketing at Samsung Electronics

Samsung said the Exynos i T100 is offered with improved security and reliability to the devices designed for communications shorter than 100 meters. Besides, the previously introduced Exynos i T200 for Wi-Fi and Exynos i S111 for long-range narrow-band communications, the launch of the Exynos I T100 also allows the company to cover a wider gamut of connectivity for today’s IoT devices.

Samsung Exynos i T100 new chip is enabled to handle up to 125 degrees Celsius of heat along with Bluetooth 5.0 and Zigbee 3.0. It also comes with a security sub-system hardware block for data encryption and a physical unclonable function that creates a unique identity for each chipset. Like its predecessors, the i T100 chip is made with the 28-nm process.

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