Live Updates: COVID-19 Cases
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    Active: 7,431,117
    Recovered: 22,550,277
    Death: 960,274
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    Active: 2,542,822
    Recovered: 4,214,773
    Death: 203,702
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    South Africa
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    Active: 628,839
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 30,495
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    Active: 14,319
    Recovered: 418,101
    Death: 12,254
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    Recovered: 91,574
    Death: 31,274
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    Recovered: ?
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    Active: 171
    Recovered: 80,464
    Death: 4,634
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    Active: 2,079
    Recovered: 23,962
    Death: 844
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    S. Korea
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    Active: 2,545
    Recovered: 19,970
    Death: 378
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    New Zealand
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    Active: 67
    Recovered: 1,719
    Death: 25

HP introduces its Omen X 2S gaming notebook, the first dual-screen laptop

Author at TechGenyz Computer
HP Dual Screen Gaming Laptop

HP is looking for a new approach to its devices, so now it has presented a line of products under the name of Omen, a brand of devices aimed at the gamers market, which will include the HP Omen X 2S 15-inch gamer laptop, better known as The first double-screen laptop in the world.

This is due to one of the recent investigations carried out by the company, which discovered that many of the players use a second screen through their smartphones, where they usually place chat applications to communicate with their colleagues while playing on their computers.

For this reason, HP announced its new Omen X 2S laptop, a device that will provide its users with a second touch screen, located in the same area where you would normally find a numeric keypad, becoming ” the first portable double screen of the world”.

In this sense, it is a standard size device for players, featuring a 15-inch main screen and the second panel of 6 inches and 1080p resolution. In this way, it will allow players to incorporate a number keyboard, play videos, music, chat on another platform and even monitor the performance of the system.

Basically, it is a second screen similar to a Nintendo DS, which has the main function to provide additional information to players, allowing us to customize it to our liking and even use it as a second full screen, playing videos or simply showing the chat from Discord or our Twitch channel.

In terms of its specifications, HP Omen X 2S has an 8-core Intel Core-I9 CPU of the ninth generation, an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Max-Q GPU, 32 GB of RAM and optional Intel Optane storage, in addition to thermal solutions such as a 12-volt fan and thermal ducts.

Although HP manages to maximize the power of its new hardware for video games while seeking to implement devices to help its players, it is not exactly the first time we see it, as Asus did something similar to the middle of last year and even other companies like Razer did the same thing with some devices.

However, HP seeks to go beyond both the design and the performance and potential of its new hardware, trying to get as close as possible to the experience offered by a desktop computer, to the point that it even has the same height and a relatively similar design.

Finally, we can conclude that it is a pretty impressive laptop, considering its initial price, since Omen X 2S can be purchased with a configuration for the US $2,700, including an Intel I7-9750H HC CPU, Nvidia 2080 GPU, 32 GB of Ram DDR4 and a 1TB SSD storage disk.

On the other hand, if you want to soften the blow to your wallet, it is also available starting at the US $2,100, including an Nvidia 2070, an Intel i7-9750H HC CPU, 16GB of Ram DDR4 and 256GB of storage on your hard drive.

Recall that HP announced that the 15-inch Omen X 2S will start shipping later this month and will be available in all stores in mid-June, so if you have enough money, this is an opportunity you can not leave happen.