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watchOS 6 launched: Here’s everything you need to know

Jun 3, 2019, 5:44 pm

Apple could not leave behind its Apple Watch, and that’s why during the WWDC 2019, the Cupertino based company has officially launched the latest version of its operating system for a smartwatch. watchOS 6 is already official, and as the rumors indicated, it comes equipped with several interesting news.

watchOS 6 receives not only new functions but also new covers for users to choose the best appearance depending on their needs – whether your Apple Watch is like a conventional watch or have a quick look at your favorite applications.

An own apps store for Apple Watch

Finally, watchOS users can download applications without relying on the iPhone, thanks to the arrival of the official Apple Watch Store. Recall that currently, third-party apps for Apple Watch are extensions of iPhone apps, and require a download from the smartphone and installation from the Clock app in iOS. With the arrival of its own Apps Store, this situation would change.

New app for voice notes and audiobooks

With watchOS 6 also comes an application of own voice notes, so that users can record their audios with Apple Watch in a simple way, without relying on the iPhone. But this is not all, because users could enjoy audio books on their smartwatch with the launch of the app Books for Apple Watch, and also the Calculator.

New areas of health

Apple has indicated that with watchOS 6 a new sphere of health will arrive that shows your level of activity in certain events, throughout the day. In addition, it also monitors the noise level and if it is dangerous, it will warn you.

Apple also announced the launch of a new app to follow the cycle training of women and know the periods of fertility, from a section within the health app.

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