Xbox One announces a new update for improved home experience and Xbox voice commands for a better voice experience. Since its launch in 2013, Microsoft has been trying to make it perfect with all updates. Initially, it was slow and buggy, but with many upgrades, it has become its best, packed with many features.

Xbox One home screen layout update, as announced by Xbox Insider Team Lead Bradley Rossetti, is coming with a new home screen and updated voice commands. It will be available for Alpha Skip Ahead Xbox Insiders, will introduce “a streamlined user interface” as well as to voice commands.

The Xbox Wire post reports that the new updates are not available for all Xbox Insiders and those not enrolled in Xbox Insiders will have to wait.

Now, the updated new home, “delivers an easy and seamless experience for you to navigate your console,” this will enable you to get into the video games faster with a dedicated button for a selected piece of content on the left side of the screen instead of scrolling for all things.

Voice commands do also have newer updates; Cortana will live in the cloud from now on, so you won’t be able to talk to her through a headset or Kinect. But this also means that it will be inaccessible with a headset. However, with these new changes, the console update will disable the virtual keyboard’s dictation on the system.

The new updates will arrive this week and are available to the Alpha Skip Ahead ring. We still wait for the user’s reaction regarding the latest updates.