Microsoft is listening to your Xbox One voice commands

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Privacy has become one of the key concerns of the internet savvy generation. Even though a lot of social media platforms claim that the privacy of the users is the main concern to them, recent news which comes out very often nowadays say otherwise.

Violation of privacy has also lead to legal trouble for some of the social media platforms. News regarding the privacy breach of the recorded voice commands has come up recently.

Apparently, the companies employ humans to listen to a percentage of these voice commands so that they can work out the glitches, and improve their technology.

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A recent article published by Motherboard speaks of Xbox One voice commands, and how the voice commands are recorded, stored, and later re-played by the concerned company for analyzing. This does not sound harmful or feel like a security breach but there have been cases of accidental activations, and speeches which the users thought were private were no longer private.

Xbox One is generously used mainly by children for whom strict privacy guidelines apply. On Microsoft’s part, it always has been vocal about the fact that they record the commands, and listen to them to improve their technology.

According to Microsoft, “We’ve long been clear that we collect voice data to improve voice-enabled services, and that this data is sometimes reviewed by vendors.”

The entire empire of the voice-recognition system is built on the fact that more often than not people would be listening in to the conversation or the commands done through the system on the basis that it would help the companies to create a workable and usable voice-recognition service.

Because Microsoft has been upfront about it since the beginning, if anyone wants to protect their privacy, they should take the matters into their own hands, and not say things which they would not want other people to gain knowledge of.

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