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Oppo Breeno Voice to support Microsoft Xiao Bing for best AI experience

Aug 28, 2019, 8:34 am

OPPO and Microsoft jointly announced cooperation, ColorOS built-in AI voice assistant Breeno. The Oppo voice assistant integrates learning, perception, and decision-making along with voice skills and smart service platform.

With Oppo Breeno Voice version 5.2.0 or higher users will be able to “summon Xiao Bing” and with the Breeno voice “Summon Little Ice,” users can easily switch to Microsoft Small Ice mode. Oppo and Microsoft Xiaobing together will bring a richer and more exciting dual AI interactive experience.

Last year at the annual developer conference, Oppo announced the launch of the company’s intelligent voice assistant Breeno where users can enjoy personalized services through the natural multi-modal interaction. Now Breeno Voice has introduced support for Microsoft Xiaobing.

Microsoft Xiaobing focuses on high emotional intelligence interactions and anthropomorphic creativity skills currently with the seventh generation of Microsoft Xiao Bing. Xiaobing, at present, is one of the world’s largest cross-domain artificial intelligence systems covering 660 million online users, 450 million third-party smart devices, and 900 million content viewers.

Oppo Breeno Voice Assistant provides users with an intimate and convenient operation experience, and now along with Xiao Bing, it will provide with more productive AI interaction.

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