Microsoft Hololens 2, a mixed reality headset launches at a price of $3500

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Microsoft’s Mixed Reality headset, Hololens 2 is finally launched and ready to be shipped from November 8 after it was announced by the company earlier this year and it is meant for industrial companies and retails at price of $3500.

The HoloLens 2 is going to be shipped in the US, France, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom from November 8 onwards.

What to look out for?

Better field view

Microsoft’s Mixed Reality headset, Hololens 2 is a more upgraded, lighter and smaller version of the very first Hololens. The fist Hololens has a small field view and the holograms were just directly in front of you. If you moved your head a little bit, they were gone in seconds. It seems like Microsoft had fixed this problem with its advanced display technology.

Like the North glasses and Vaunt, Hololens 2 also have lasers to create a MEMS display. MEMS displays control of the light from each pixel to give us a whole new optical experience. Each eye of the Hololens 2 has a 2K resolution display that results in a wider field view.

New Features in Microsoft’s Hololens 2

  • The new Hololens 2 is lighter and smaller in size. It even fits over glasses and the computer guts are put behind the glasses. So this is really comfortable to wear all day. You can also adjust it as you want.
  • There are two tiny cameras that authenticate you via retinal scan and they adjust to fit into the papillary distance between your eyes so that you have a better viewing experience.
  • It also uses a Snapdragon processor to maximize battery usage.
  • It also got Azar to connect sensor that connects your virtual world with your surroundings. About this, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said:

This new medium is just the beginning of experiencing what’s possible – when you connect the digital world with the physical world to transform how we work, rest and play.

  • The Microsoft Hololens 2 headset moreover tracks your hands and gestures to give you full control over your view.  You can pinch and drag objects or pull up menus by tapping a holographic button on your wrist.
  • Microsoft is going to launch a mobile app for Hololens that is going to help you control your Hololens headset.

Enterprise focused headset

Though the fist Hololens had some featured games the new Microsoft Hololens 2 is purely meant for the industrial customers. Manufacturing companies that use hands-free 3D visuals may aim for this headset.

Microsoft has also confirmed that the original HoloLens will still be supported though it won’t be able to run apps with gesture control support. Owners can also subscribe to Microsoft’s new Remote Assist service for instant troubleshooting support.

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