Passengers will now not have to worry if the trains are delayed. Now the travelers will get information about the status of trains easily. Indian railways have connected their engines to the ISRO satellite.

Hence, making it easier to find out about the train from the information received from the satellites, its arrival and departure are recorded automatically. Real-Time Train Information System (RITS) has been installed in 172 locomotives in East Central Railway. The system has also been tested on the New Delhi-Guwahati and New Delhi-Mumbai routes using satellite.

In a real-time train information system, it will provide other information for the use of passengers including the arrival and departure of trains. The information will be based on the speed received from the Gagan receiver. The Real-Time Train Information System will update this information with the application update to the Central Location Server (CLS) using the mobile data service along with SMS.

CLS will transmit the received data directly to the Control Office (COA) for the automatic planning of the control chart. The COM is connected to the National Train Inquiry System whereby passengers receive accurate information regarding trains. The LMCS software loco will monitor the state of the device as well as ensure configuration and updating.

Through RTI, you will also be able to communicate between the loco drivers and the control office. The new system will help the railways to modernize their control form, the railway network for operating trains in their network. The objective of this step is to further improve the correct information about the operation of trains. In the engine, the speed and location of trains will be tracked using the GAGAN Geo Positioning System developed by ISRO with an RTI device, as per Rajesh Kumar, Chief Public Relations Officer, East Central Railway, Hajipur.