The console, presented at the ceremony of the Game Awards 2019 has been stated as the most powerful gaming machine on the market according to Microsoft.

Microsoft’s next video game console already has an official name. It will be called Xbox Series X and will go on sale in late 2020. The company has shown the first images of the console, which ensures that it will be the most powerful in the market.

Microsoft Xbox Series X will be a console with a typical design, in a very bulky tower format that reminds more of a PC than a console, although it has been designed to be placed both vertically and horizontally.

It will have four times the processing capacity of an Xbox One X and will do it most efficiently and silently, – Phil Spencer, head of Xbox

Although no technical details or prices of the new console have been given. Some of the features of the new machine that Microsoft has previously revealed are already known. The new Xbox, which until now was known as Project Scarlet, will be compatible with current Xbox games that can even run the most hardcore AA titles games with 4K resolution at a speed of up to 120 FPS and even 8K for some titles.

Microsoft has also redesigned the control settings.

Its size and shape have been refined to accommodate an even wider range of players, and it also has a new Share button to simplify the capture of screenshots and game clips, – Phil Spencer, head of Xbox

The key piece of the new machine will be its GPU, developed in collaboration with AMD. It will use the ray-tracing technique to create more realistic three-dimensional environments in games. It also features an SSD disk and several features that will help in optimizing for minimizing latency with the console.