OnePlus users face issues while sending photos on WhatsApp

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Though being a major smartphone manufacturer company, OnePlus has failed to resolve its issues for its customers. Apparently, customers have been submitting the complaints as they are unable to send any images via WhatsApp on their OnePlus devices. A huge number of technical issue complaints forced us to question the company’s ability to address the problem.

It seems like OnePlus 7T and 7T pro have been affected by this problem. Some of the OnePlus 6 and 6T users have also addressed the same issue on their devices. WhatsApp surely has some technical issues from time to time. However, the app is running smoothly on the other devices. We believe that the problem must have been coming from OnePlus’s end. As a result, the issues have mostly affected the OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 6 series for the time being.

Major issues which need to be fixed

After a close inspection, we have found several issues addressed in the complaints submitted on the official OnePlus website. The very first issue that we came across is that WhatsApp is not sending or uploading any kind of photos on several OnePlus devices.

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Apparently, users are finding it much difficult to send photos using WhatsApp gallery on their phones. While trying to do so, the device either stops responding or the app completely freezes until it restarts. Sometimes, it shows uploading but never gets uploaded and the loading symbol keeps showing on the preview screen.

One of the users complained that their OnePlus gallery is not working while other galleries are promptly doing their job. Some of the OnePlus 6 series users also complained that they are unable to send any kind of images using WhatsApp or Gmail for a while. It is to be kept in mind that most of the OnePlus 6 users had been using Oxygen 10.3.0 OS build at that time. Therefore, we conclude that there must have been a big issue on the build resulting in this major problem.

Even when some users are trying to post something on Instagram from the gallery, its not working. Sometimes reboot or restart fixes it temporarily but most of the time it doesn’t work. One OnePlus 7 Pro user said that he could send downloaded images via WhatsApp but it doesn’t work whenever he tries to send any photos taken by the phone.

Complaints are popping up everywhere when a OnePlus 7 user posted on Reddit addressing the issue. According to him, while trying to send something via WhatsApp his gallery was showing empty and after restarting he had the same problem. But then, even his file manager was showing that he didn’t have anything on his device.

Why it’s happening?

There seems a bug issue in the OS builds that users have been using. WhatsApp doesn’t seem to have any issues here otherwise it would not have been working properly on the other smartphones, whereas only OnePlus devices seem to have this problem. The latest version of OxygenOS certainly has some issues which are making OnePlus users’ lives difficult.

OnePlus has brought forth a number of fixes with its latest software upgrade. However, it doesn’t seem to be working as the WhatsApp photo sending issue continues to irritate the users.

We hope that OnePlus will soon have some solution to the problem and will come up with a fix. Meanwhile, OnePlus is coming up with its Open Beta 8 update for the OnePlus 7 & 7 Pro devices. We still have to wait to see if it can help the users to somewhat solve the issue or not.

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